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Getting ready to do some Floyd covers for a show at N’Hood Theatre on June 22. We’ve got “Comfortably Numb” and “Waiting for the Worms,” pretty late in the show, so hopefully everyone will be nice and wacked out by then. 

Get good. Stay gold.

Sorry internet. We’ve neglected you because the real world has been treating us so well lately. We’ve moved into a new home at Docklands (our own semi-autonomous zone for culture and art) and we’ve been experimenting with new instruments and new members. We’re sad to report that Ryan has played his last show with us, but we’re excited to see what we can do as a full functioning five-piece band again. The Henry Schreiber painting of our band as Garden Gnomes was a big hit. It’s awesome to be a part of collaborative art. 

We’re going to hit the road a bit this summer. We could use your support!

Henry Scheriber's HelloHandshake as Garden Gnomes Painting

What have we done?

Hello, shake our twelve hands (…why have five members, when you could have six?). We’re glad to say that Susan Plante will join Hello Handshake effective at the Amos Southend show on January 28th. We’ve always wanted our band to feel like a collective of creative people being creative together, so Susan will be singing harmonies, playing keys, percussion and all the other tiny elements of our music that are so important to us, but have been impossible to explore with only ten hands. We’re excited to see where we can grow as a band, and we hope everyone will come out to see us grow.

Shake Up, Keep it up.

We’re sad to say that New Years Eve will be Scotty’s last show with the band. He’s headed back up to New York for 2012. We’re very happy to say that New Years Eve will signal the return of our original bassist and co-writer of Sublime Machines: Nate Proczak!  Now you CAN’T miss the NYE show; as we willll be 6 members strong for one night only!

  • Track Name

    Interviews of influence and backstory

  • Album

    Musical Conversations/Plaza Midwood Community Radio

  • Artist

    [Evan Plante of] HelloHandshake

Musical Conversations Explores Influence and Technique of Sublime Machines.

…if you’ve got 4 hours free, check out the interview Evan did with Plaza Midwood Community Radio on Black Friday.  Find out more than you ever wanted to know about every sound and noise on the Sublime Machines album.

Thanks for coming out to the last couple shows, guys! We’re going to take a couple weeks to work on a dozen new songs - we’re planning to play again on New Years Eve, we’ll let you know if that changes. Handshake to you!

We will be doing two short sets at Salvador Deli on 10/21 as part of the Charlotte Identity Crisis Show. We will do a song by The Jupiter Tide, and The Between; and will play along side those two bands plus Transmission Fields, The Spiveys, Chelsea Daggers & Grown Up Avenger Stuff. Let’s hear it for Charlotte’s music community!

Do you work at an indie radio/college/online radio station or webcast? We’re sending out promotional copies of Sublime Machines right now. You might already have a copy at your local station if you live in: Asheville, Boone, Boston, Bronx, NY, Cape Cod, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Charlotte(2), Charlotte(3), Chicago(1), Chicago(2), Clemson, Columbia, SC, Durham, Greensboro(1), Greensboro(2), Greenville, NC, Greenville, SC, Ithica, Meadville, PA, Montreal, New York(1), New York(2), Philadelphia(1), Philadelphia(2), Pittsburg, PA, Providence, Raleigh, Santa Cruz, Seattle, Swarthmore, PA, University Park, PA, Washington DC, Washington, PA, West Chester, PA, Wilkes Barre, PA.

We’re doing a run of 1000 copies of Sublime Machines, so if you’re one of the 104 lucky people with the hand-screenprinted covers, you better lock that collectors item up in your wall-safe. We’re still looking to pair with a label/distributor, so get in touch.

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